जन Health Design Clinic

Enabling young parents to plan, conceive, birth and nurture the babies in more health aware and clinically guided ecosystem. The Child Health Design Clinics helps you to design the health landscape of your babies. You choose the best health plans, the world accepted immunisation programmes, greatest level of intellectual and physical development of the growing child.
जन Health Design Clinic is committed to ensure quality health production for babies. All babies who are born or registered with जन Hospitals will be monitored on different health parameters from birth to the age of 15 years. The specially trained mile stone development health experts will advise and deliver health services and wellness products to these children on monthly basis. The services include child rearing counselling, health promotive products and other health interventions as per age and developmental stage of child. Through Online system जन Health APP, growth and milestone development of physical, mental and cognitive development of child are monitored on real time basis. The जन Health APP will have features such as growth charts, international immunization schedule, development mile stones testing tools, growth monitoring guidelines for young mothers and 24x7 customised health manger services.

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