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Better Health Care is Closer Than you Think

The जन Hospital is destined to create an cost-effective, decentralized, quality health and wellness delivery system at your neighbourhood. The company aims not only to provide cost-effective quality health care services but also to prepare a generation of local health leaders and health entrepreneurs to address the preventive, promotive, primary and secondary health care needs of the community. The health company build on the principles of crowd funding and market oriented sustainable philanthropy. With ultimate aim to serve the humanity with dignity, returning value to the customers in terms of quality and high level of satisfaction, helping them to achieve their full health potentials. Forging a lasting relationship as dependable health and wellness service partner for all members of family from new born to elderly people.

Our Dedicated Health Leaders

01. Hannah Cranford

Hannah Cranford has experience of working as Healthy Communities Specialist in the Dominican Republic as field health expert of United States Peace Corps. She made a significant contribution in creating local health leadership and health educators in the Caribbean country. She holds a Masters in Public Health in International Health programme evaluation and Applied Epidemiology from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, United States. She is an RDH and has a BS from The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. Currently engaged in Zika virus and T. cruzi parasite research at Johns Hopkins as a Research Assistant. Has professional certifications with American Academy of Phlebotomy, American Heart Association (Basic Life Support for Healthcare Providers) and proficiency in Spanish language and with additional work experience in Peru.

02. Saad Abdel-Aziz

Dr. Saad is Master of Public Health in clinical research, health financing and management from Johns Hopkins University United States. He has been a general practitioner in domestic and international settings. A team player with a strong focus towards improving the quality of life through health communication and cooperation with local governments. Fluent in Arabic and English. He has worked for Medicine San Frontiers-Holland in Irbid, Jordan. As part of International Rescue Committee, he served Syrian refugees and Jordanians. Has clinical experience of working in University Miami Hospital- Miami Florida USA, Primary Health Clinic- Chicago USA and Jordanian Ministry of Health- Amman, Jordan. He has advised and consulted Alnisr Insurance Company, Jordan, in managing medical provider and insurer and an expert in adaptation of health technologies in local settings.

03. Dr. Sunny Sapehia

Dr. Sunny is an expert in vaccine science and health policy and a global health leader from Johns Hopkins University USA. He has experience of more than 8 years in UAE. He holds proficiency in health marketing, financing and managing. Adaptation of Health care innovation of USA and PCMH (Primary Care Medical Home of US) at other countries are his deep concerns; so as to address the issue of affordable and accessible health care in India. Evidence based policy implementation and executing health projects are his priorities.

04. Dr. Nishit H. Patel

Dr. Nishit Patel, MBChB, MPH. A physician trained from University of Nairobi and furthered his education in Master of Public Health from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD. He has also pursued training in Healthcare Epidemiology, Global health and Health finance and management. He is currently involved in research project at Johns Hopkins University. A physician with an in-depth knowledge in Critical care, Dr. Patel has held various Leadership positions in the Emergency and Critical care departments. His interests are in Patient safety and quality control, Antibiotic stewardship programs and Hospital management and strategic planning.

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